Sustainable Profile Coffee


Before starting Sustainable Profile we (April Coffee Roasters) have bought a total
of 14 x 42kg bags of Coffee from Volcan Azul. Since Sustainable Profile started we have bought a total of 100 x 69kg bags. Which means the farm can rely on us to purchase a larger amount of their coffee. 

The 100 bags we have bought is one of the larger lots from Volcan Azul. This means that today we buy a wider range of quality from the farm, not just the
micro-lots. This allows the farm to sort their coffee even better as they know they have a buyer for different qualities. 

Volcan Azul is guaranteed €6/kg for the Sustainable Profile Coffee, that is three times above the current Coffee Market price and perhaps most importantly this is the price the farmer asked for. We also guarantee never to ask them to lower that price. 

(On top of that we are paying for import & logistics so the total cost for us is higher than €6/kg)

The purpose of this project is to exclusively work with Alejo Castro and his Volcan Azul coffee and with that help sharing their story. 


Background Story: 

This project started after we spent a weekend together with Alejo Castro from Volcan Azul. During that time we discussed what value April Coffee Roasters generates to him as a farmer (we have been buying his micro-lots for two years). The conclusion was that a Coffee Roaster that only buys a few small micro-lots doesn't make much of a difference. 

That is why we started Sustainable Profile. A project dedicated to increasing the amount of coffee we buy from the Volcan Azul farm.  A way for us to show how much we believe in their work and result.   

The reality is that the only way we a Coffee Roastery can make a real difference is to commit to always come back an buy the coffee for the price the farmer is asking. That is what we are doing.