Sustainable Profile Coffee


Origin: Costa Rica 
Farm: Volcan Azul 
Farmer: Alejo Castro 
Harvest: January - February 2018 
Roast Style: Medium
Flavor Notes: Brown Sugar, Cocoa & Red Cherry 

At April Coffee Roasters we have worked with Alejo Castro owner and farmer at the Volcan Azul farm in Costa Rica for the last two seasons. We have been very happy about the quality, holding it as some of the best coffee in Costa Rica. 

However, we have only been buying very small micro-lots (3-10 bags) from his farm. That is why we are extra excited to kick-off this project with one of his larger lots, a Caturra & Catuai blend that has been washed processed. 

It is a great tasting coffee that is very consistent to work with. The roast is Medium which gives the coffee a very balanced flavor structure with a well-integrated acidity and sweet flavor notes. As espresso, it fits great both as Espresso and with Steamed Milk or brew it as your Batch Brew for the perfect cup of rich and sweet coffee that goes great with any kind of pastry or food.