Sustainable Profile Coffee



"As a producer, I think "Sustainable Profile" is a great idea because it allows us to make a better quality separation knowing that there is a market for each quality! This is one of the advantages of a good communication between producer and roaster."

- Alejo Castro, Farmer & Owner, Volcan Azul 


This is an April project. 

Buying small micro-lots from a farmer does not create a sustainable value chain. If you were to speak with the majority of producers, they would tell you that the real value is generated from stronger and wider partnerships, those that continuously purchase a larger and more diverse selection of coffees from them.

"Sustainable Profile" has been created to address exactly this concern. It is an April project which creates more value for the farmers that we work with. Rather than purchasing 10 - 20 bags of what we consider to be the best lots that a farm has to offer, we would like to show a continued commitment to the farmers and purchase greater volumes from their full harvest. Volumes that April cannot commit to purchasing today due to our minimum quality standards and purchasing model.

This project enables April to purchase more coffee from farms, however rather than purchasing only the micro-lots, we are now able to commit to larger volume lots of solid varietals and well-grown lots. This allows us to create more value for the farmers that we continue to purchase coffee from, as we can commit to a larger volume as well as a wider range of their coffee from each harvest.

This simple raw material will continue to be roasted with the same attention to detail that we have always had at April, using a Loring 15kg Falcon Roast Machine. The result is a coffee in which the focus is on sweetness, the body as well as clear flavour notes of chocolate and fruit. Roasted one way, brewed your way.


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